Dr Jane Jones Coaching, counselling, and psychotherapy
Dr Jane JonesCoaching, counselling, and psychotherapy


The chances are that you have found this page because you are looking for help of some sort. 


Maybe your life is not working out quite the way you want it to just now. Maybe there is something you want to achieve in your professional or personal life that seems out of reach, or you are feeling stuck in a rut. Maybe you have experienced something that is causing you emotional distress, or you are just trying to cope with the multiple types of stress that modern life throws at us all. Whatever it may be you are not alone. The vast majority of people face challenges of varying levels at some point in their life and many choose to get professional support of one kind or another. But where do you start? How do you know whether you would benefit most from a coach, or a counsellor, or a psychotherapist? And if you make a choice between these three then how do you decide between the multitude of different approaches on offer? It can be quite confusing and so many approaches have complicated sounding names. How do you know which approach is right for you?


All you really want is to feel better quickly and/or get moving with your life-plans, right?  To see a professional with the necessary qualifications and experience to listen to your unique situation and help you find solutions to get your life moving in the direction you want it to go as quickly as possible. Someone with a range of effective approaches in their toolkit to provide you with practical, sensible, compassionate support to build your self-confidence and your ability to overcome whatever challenges you might meet now or in the future. Someone who makes you feel comfortable and helps you make progress from the very first session and who won't charge you a fortune! Someone you know you can trust because their practice is regulated by a professional body with the highest standards. 


If this sounds like the sort of answer you are looking for then you may well have come to exactly the right place!

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