Dr Jane Jones Solution-focused coaching, counselling and psychotherapy
Dr Jane JonesSolution-focused coaching, counselling and psychotherapy

What happens in a session?

During the first session l will spend quite a bit of time listening to your story and getting to know you before we explore and agree some goals for our work together. We will then agree a strategy for you to achieve your goals and I will offer a variety of the many techniques in my toolkit to assist with this which may include giving you 'homework' to do before we next meet. At subsequent sessions we will review your progress and make any necessary adjustments to the plans. As you would expect the content of the sessions remains confidential between us.

The aim is for you to be able to move on with your life in as few a number of sessions as possible. Generally people may have 4-5 sessions though occasionally a single session is sufficient and sometimes more than 5 may be required. 


Before each session begins I will ask you to complete some routine paperwork, including some forms that help us both monitor your progress over time and the outcome of our work together.  After each session I will also ask you to complete a feedback form so that I can ensure that our sessions are meeting your expectations. Monitoring the outcome of the work we do together and your satisfaction, both with the approach and with me as your practitioner, is helpful to both of us. All of this routine information and any notes I make about the session are collected and stored electronically in a confidential and secure database according to data protection rules.  Anonymised outcome data may be used for research purposes but neither clients nor myself as practitioner are identifiable in such studies.

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