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Thriving through 'the change'

A Workshop for Women of a Certain Age!


I am passionate about empowering women to reach their full potential, no matter what their age, and along with my own experience I have met a lot of women in both my professional and personal lives for whom one of the most challenging phases they have faced as women is the menopause. I am therefore really excited to offer this new one day workshop to support women in moving from 'surviving' the menopause to 'thriving' through the change. 


Why a 'menopause workshop'?

As women what do we think of when we hear the word ‘menopause’? Chances are we might equate it with unpleasant physical symptoms, either because we have already experienced these, or because we are afraid that we will. We might feel sadness at the ending of our child-bearing potential, or anxiety about getting older in general. There’s no doubt that the phase of menopause can be very challenging for many of us both physically and emotionally.


There are many resources available today to help us with the hormonal shifts and physical symptoms we might encounter, but perhaps the biggest challenge we face is finding our way healthily through the emotional shifts, which are about much more than just our hormones and for which we often receive little support.  The culture in which we live our lives has a particularly powerful impact on our experience, and we can all see that neither the menopause nor older women are portrayed in empowering ways in our current culture where 'youth' is all.  And though every single one of us goes through this phase of life it can feel very isolating because we rarely talk about it together. No wonder we may find it hard to look beyond, let alone look forward to, menopause! 


But it is possible to begin to challenge this culture, and transform our experience of the menopause. It is no accident that the menopause is also called ‘the change’. This phase of our lives as women can be an extraordinary time for new beginnings and creative potential, and with the average life expectancy for women in the UK now over 80 there is a lot of life left for us to live once our periods stop. When we approach this time of life with new empowered ways of thinking we can discover that it possesses remarkable treasure to mine, polish and share. We can for example; 

  • use our ‘change’ to connect or (re-connect) us with what matters most to us 
  • explore new ways of being in the future to achieve healthy and fulfilling lives for ourselves and others
  • apply the wisdom and experience we have gained over the years to embrace new opportunities  
  • teach the daughters, granddaughters, nieces and younger friends who follow us to have a different understanding of what ‘the change’ means to us all. 


What will this workshop cover?

Using a mixture of information sharing and partner and group work (with some fun exercises thrown in for good measure!), the day will aim to cover the following;

  • The little known and empowering theory about why menopause occurs at all (not just how it occurs)
  • The vital role of older women in human history and what myths and stories can teach us about this
  • How we got to a place where the value and potential of older women in society is undermined
  • Understanding your own brain and how it changes at the change
  • How our experience of the menopause is influenced by our beliefs, our lifestyle, and the culture in which we live and how an awareness of these influences gives us more choices
  • How to navigate the emotional challenges of the menopause in a healthy way, including some techniques to use to reduce anxiety and increase clarity of thought
  • Understanding ageing in a healthier and more helpful way
  • Honouring our lives to this point; an appreciative enquiry into the learning, experiences and skills that we have gathered
  • Using the change to re-connect with what really matters to us
  • Re-imagining our future selves beyond the change; embracing and exploring the possibilities for the next chapters of our lives
  • The eternal importance of women coming together in friendship and mutual support.

You will leave the day with a totally new and empowering way to think about your menopause and about yourself, some new friends, and with a starting point for your future plans. During the day you will also buddy up with another woman for some on-going co-coaching to keep you on track with your goals after the workshop.


What this workshop is not about

Although this workshop will cover aspects of a healthy lifestyle that impact on how we experience menopause it is not designed to provide individual medical advice to women with physical symptoms of menopause. Please see your healthcare practitioner for specific advice on these matters.


Who is this workshop for?

Any woman who is approaching, going through, or has already passed menopause, who wants information and support to;

  • Better understand and navigate this phase of life in a healthy and empowered way
  • Re-imagine the next phase of her life and reach her potential


When is the workshop?

The first workshop will be on Saturday April 28th 2018  from 9.30am to 5.30pm

Further dates and venues to follow.


Where is it?

We are very fortunate to have the lovely nurturing venue of the Niland Conference Centre for the first workshop. This warm and welcoming venue is set among gardens which should be bursting in to life by the end of April.


Niland Conference Centre,

Rosary Priory,

93 Elstree Road,

Bushey Heath,

Watford, Herts.

WD23 4EE


How much does it cost?

  • The workshop on 28th April 2018 is being offered at £50 per person. The price of future workshops cannot be guaranteed to be the same as this is largely venue dependent. 
  • Places are strictly limited to a maximum of 20 women. 
  • Refreshments will be provided. Lunch arrangements will be determined once final numbers are confirmed and dietary needs ascertained.


How do I book a place and/or find out further information?


Please e-mail me at jane.jones.humangivens@gmail.com to book a place and/or find out more about whether this is for you. When you get in touch please let me know what you would be particularly keen to explore in your own journey through the change as I will be tailoring the workshop as much as possible to the needs of the participants. Please also let me know about any dietary restrictions you may have.


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